iSigns now on Amazon!

The iSigns range, which boasts over 10,000 health and safety signs, is now available to purchase on! In a move which is set to see iSigns soar, Amazon has become the number one retailer worldwide, with over 448 million customers.

Historically, the most popular route to market has been via the 3000 electrical wholesaler outlets across the UK who currently stock the iSigns range, specifically the essential signs and labels required for the electrical industry. This distribution channel will remain as the core sales route and these wholesalers will continue to receive much higher discounts and promotional offers versus what is sold on Amazon.

Business Development Director and leader of the Amazon project, Laura Cooper, says,

“In today’s market the consumer wants the best possible product in the quickest possible time. The electrical wholesaler market is our bread and butter and will of course remain as our number one route to market; however, Amazon opens us up to a universe of other customers who may not be aware of our current sales channels, may not hold accounts with wholesalers, or even know we exist! The aim is for the two routes to market to complement each other and cover all potential customer bases.

As a family run business, we need to master the balance of staying true to our heritage whilst also ‘moving with the times’, hence we feel Amazon in just another stepping stone to our continued success as a market leader of health and safety signs”.

iSigns also have big plans for 2019, with a plumbing and building range in the pipeline, and the purchase of an enhanced engraving machine which is set to optimize the current engraving turnaround times.

For more information on the Amazon project please contact or visit to browse the iSigns range.

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