iSigns gives customers top tips for prepare for GDPR with CCTV range of signs


As per ICO recommendations you must let people know that they are in an area where a CCTV system is being operated.

The most effective of doing this is by using prominently placed signs at the entrance to the surveillance zone and then reinforcing with further signs within the area being monitored.

Below are some guidelines for CCTV signage:

  • Signs should be clear, prominent, readable and in sufficient numbers. They should be positioned at the entrance to the area covered by CCTV as well as within it. This is particularly important when the CCTV cameras are placed discreetly or where people do not expect to be under surveillance.
  • The size of the signage should be appropriate in relation to its context. For example, if the sign needs to be seen by a vehicle driver it should be larger, while if it is in a trade counter area, a smaller sign may be more suitable.
  • If cameras are positioned so that they capture images outside the premises and can capture images of people walking by, signage must be visible outside the business too.
  • At least one of the signs must show the purpose of the CCTV (for security) and an information contact number.

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